1984 Dinners - London

London Dinner

Date: 29 September 2011
Topics: Flicking back through old diaries, Community festival as political rally, Genuine bottom up initiatives, The miners’ strike, Art college experiences, Tyranny of feminism, Tyranny of structurelessness, Tyranny of theory, Artists at the tipping point, Don’t mention the ‘C’ word, A sort of power!, Preparing the next generation, Being paid to change the world, Travel hopefully.



1984 Dinners - Singapore

Singapore Dinner

Date: 28 January 2014
Topics: PETA, Student activism, Township plays, Third Stage, State+Oil, Theatre as education, 1987 arrests, Sex, Being preachy and subversive, Voice to the underdog, Marxist Conspiracy, Internal Security, Broader political context, Losing the idealistic edge, Being a Marxist, Talking back to the State, Theatre today and outsourcing censorship, Forum Theatre ban, Public space and civil society, Spectre of ’87.


1984 Dinners - Melbourne

Melbourne Dinner

Date: 3 March 2014
Topics: international influences, working from the inside, victorian aboriginal art, knowing the history, community arts and radical arts, locating the politics, art, change and socialising, money, professionalisation, embarrassing bureaucracies, the intangible, anger, consumerism + despair, wogs out of work, stirring songs in many tongues, being openly critical, friendships.


1984 Dinners - Johannesburg

Johannesburg Dinner

Date: 20 March 2014
Topics: culture and resistance, Women’s movement, historical frameworks, aesthetics and protest, artists in exile, being an artist in south africa, education, cultural boycott, nationality undetermined, funding and support structures, rural contexts, parallels with today, elders and younger generations, there’s still a fire out there.

1984 Dinner Map

On this page you can see where dinners have taken place so far and navigate to the edited audio from each dinner and the contextual notes on each location. There are plans to continue the dinners next year in different parts of the world.

Contextual Notes